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Jag ar 29 ar och bloggar om mitt liv, min vardag, mina intressen och drommar vilket inkluderar shopping, klader, resor, traning, LCHF, heminredning, mat och vin. Jag jobbar inom finans och bor pa Jersey, en o utanfor Frankrikes kust.

31 May 2012

Mys Pys

So nice with light warm evenings

Ahhhh.... home and on my patio with a cup coffee.

To do tonight

1. Say hi to Lilly who always waits inside the door when I get home
2. Make a cup of coffee and sit outside before sun goes down
3. Review my accounts for payments received, emails to confirm and pack parcels for tomorrow
4. Eat dinner and watch Greys Anatomy
5. Go through wardrobe to see if there is anything I can wear in London

Loong day at work...

... but on my way home now. The days just go so quickly!

Fint pa terassen

I wouldn't mind decorating our terass like this.... however difficult to do anything about the view.... and can't really justify buying new furniture when the "old" ones are just one year.... but I can daydream....

Todays weather

Hoping for more sunshine for the long weekend. No work monday or tuesday next week as we cellebrate the Queens jubilee. I'm really exited about going to London on Sunday and to go for dinner at the Square.

With jacket or without?

Yes I am having a bad hairday.

Me today

30 May 2012

Relaxing evening

Jag ska bara..... like we say in Swedish

I came home with lots of energy and a list of things to do... I was just gonna sit down for a quick bite to eat (leftovers from barbeque) but as the food filled my tummy the energy was emptied and now I can/dont want to leave the sofa..... Only 30 min to apprentice which is my favorite tv program each week.... so 30 min work and clean up and then rest in from of apprentice.

Me ♥ Shoes

Low tide this morning

Husband is awake

Good morning

I decided not to cycle to day as I have a couple of things to pick up in town later. Drinking my breakfast smoothie and waiting for the bus. Can't believe it's mid-week already, the days go by so quickly. Long weekend coming up as Monday and Tuesday are bankholiday's in the UK due to the Queens jubilee. Dave is taking me to London Sunday to Monday and I plan to spend the rest of the weekend with friends.

Getting really good at this webcam posing thing... 

29 May 2012

Favourites from H&M

Mmm chilli with sourcream and cheese (LCHF lunch)

Lunch with Claudette at the Loving Spoonful. Very nice. 



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Stressful morning

Up at six to sort out some payments and emails before work. Then cycle to the gym. Now sitting outside the post office which always open late on Tuesdays but not too many parcells to ship today. Also realised I forgot my pass to work so lets hope I'll get in. Happy tuesday everyone!

28 May 2012

God morning Monday

I'm up watching the Swedish News Morning and drinking my morning shake. Soon time to cycle to the gym and then work.

27 May 2012

Playing with my webcam




Pimms in my hand and husband by the bareque after a day on the beach.

It's Pimms o'clock

My baby

Frametastic Pic app

On the beach

Dave is reading the paper and I'm playing with some new apps.


Good morning

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I was out for dinner and drinks with my new colleagues on Friday which was very nice. Yesterday though I was suffering bad. Not much got done at all.. .managed to drag my tired and hungover self to Anna Trigg for a dress fitting and my bridesmaid dress is stunning, and even more so is Victoria in her wedding dress. Can't wait for the wedding now which is on 23 June! Last night I meant to go around to Victoria to have a take away and watch the Eurovision but I was just to tired and didn't move from the sofa all afternoon/evening. So exited that Loreen (who I went to school with) won. She looked and sounded amazing and as a Swedish person living abroad I woted lots and lots of times! Can't wait for the big party next year and will definitely look into going over to Sweden to see the big show! 

Today I have taken it quite easy and I am now sitting on my patio with a large cup of coffee. Have ordered another 250 capsules from Nespresso so I'll have coffee for another month. My nespresso machine is one of my best ever purchases (together with my iphone, ipad and laptop). 

Sunny day out there and should be looking at getting out in the world soon and to try to get some colour on my pale face (still feels tired from Friday).

Also big happy mothersday to mine and everyone elses mothers out there.


Found my web-camera and managed to sort out how it's working!!! 

Blast from the past - Picture from the Archive

A sunny day in Copenhagen, summer 2005.

24 May 2012

Me ♥ Chanel

I love love love this jacket. Quite expensive (of course) but I would use it all the time! In the office, at the party, for dinner....

New details

Dress down day

Breakfast in the sun

LCHF cottage cheese pancakes with cream, strawberries and cloudberries. And coffee.