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Jag ar 29 ar och bloggar om mitt liv, min vardag, mina intressen och drommar vilket inkluderar shopping, klader, resor, traning, LCHF, heminredning, mat och vin. Jag jobbar inom finans och bor pa Jersey, en o utanfor Frankrikes kust.

28 June 2012

Pictures from last week

Found some pictures in my camera from last week; SPA day at the l'Horizon, dinner with the girls at the Salty Dog and dinner at the Boathouse.

Me ♥ Lilly

Relaxing at home with my darling Lilly. It has been a long and tough week... Missing my husband who is still in the UK. Looking forward to next week when Marina and Anders are coming to stay with us for a couple of days.

Pink and Classy

27 June 2012


Tired after a long day and cozy in my pyjamas with Lilly. Having a quiet evening in watching the Gilmore Girls and missing my husband. Take Care ♥

25 June 2012

The Wedding

Such a beautiful day with such a beautiful couple.

New Twitter

So fed up with my old twitter account that always get hacked so I cancelled it and started a new account:


The 0 is a zero! 

A great few days

I have had such a nice week.

Also known as Vicky's henparty. We spent the day at the l'Horizon Spa with jaccuzzi, sauna, steam, facials, massages, afternoon tea and champagne and then dinner at the Salty Dog.

Manicure and Pedicure before Helena and Fredrik arrived in Jersey. Dinner at the Sails, the Boathouse (pictures in my earlier posts).

Midsummer but not so much here in Jersey. A day in town with Helena and Fredrik and then an evening with dinner at jacuzzi with Vicky and Claire before the big day.

The wedding! A wonderful day with a wonderful couple.

Lunch at the Oysterbox and then a lazy evening in front of the football.

Back to work and then dinner at Cheffins with my husband.

My beautiful family

Back again

Good morning!

I am very very tired today but we have had a great few days... More about that later and lots of pictures to upload.

22 June 2012

Dinner at Sails, the Boathouse

We had such a great dinner at the Boathouse celebraring Helena's 30th birthday yesterday. Today has been a quiet day, no midsummer in Jersey. Tomorrow is Victoria's and JPs wedding and I'm the bridesmaid.

Beautiful lamps

I love all of these..... now it turns out that we have spotlights everywhere so difficult to put up for example a chandelier in the lounge but I'm after an interesting light to go in the hallway over the stairs.... maybe the top one in the middle.... I'm also after some bedside lamps..

Beautiful lamps


Making breakfast for our guests... Panncakes and pan de chocolates are almost ready and bread is baking...

21 June 2012

Me ♥ shoes

Christian Louboutin Lady Highness 160 Pumps

Nice looking fingers and toes

Rain rain rain

But I'm enjoying my days off. Yesterday we had Victoria's henparty and spent the day at the l'Horizon SPA with facial, massages, sauna, steam, jacuzzi and afternoon tea with champagne. In the evening we had dinner and drinks at the Salty Dog.

Today I've been for a manicure and pedicure and now on my way home to meet Helena and Fredrik who land in Jersey soon.

Me ♥ Glaslögon

19 June 2012


This week has been quick and short at work and also had time for a lovely curry lunch today with Karen. I'm on holiday now for the rest of the week. Yeajh! And so much fun things planned! Think I will be tired, hungover and fat next week but it will all be worth it. Have fixed with a lot of details for the next few days tonight and now I'm just waiting for my husband to come home from an outside catering event somewhere in St Johns... Have had lots of coffee tonight so I am not at all tired... perhaps I shall open a bottle of wine..?

Also, congratulations Sweden for finally winning a game! Too bad it doesn't help us through but well played anyway!

I love living in st aubin

Its such a pretty little village. The three geese lives here to and always wander around the village.

Love these